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Appetizer & Soup

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Appetizers - Khai Vi

Imperial Rolls (6)
Cha Gio
Golden crispy rice paper containing ground pork, vermicelli, mushroom, & onion

Spring Rolls (4)
Goi Cuon
Rice paper wrapped around tofu, vermicelli, mint & shrimp


Charcoal Broiled Pork Rolls (4)
Goi Coun Thit
Rice paper wrapped around a balance of charcoal pork & mints in vegetables


Fried Wonton (8)
Wonton Chein
Wonton wrappers filled with cream cheese and served with sweet & sour sauce

Shrimp Wrap (6)
Tom Cuon
Shrimp and tofu roll with plum sause



Cups of Soup

West Lake Beef Soup
Soup Bo Nam
Asparagus Crabmeat Soup
Soup Mang Cua
Hot & Sour Soup
Soup Chua Cay
Wonton Soup
Soup Hoanh Thanh
Egg Drop Soup
Soup Trung

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